About B2B Solution Journal News

The Premise

B2B Marketing is more challenging than ever. Keeping track of all of the possible avenues of demand is enough to keep a marketing pro up at night. With so many changes and challenges in that space, what’s the best way to keep up with the ongoing changes and emerging opportunities?

The Solution

B2B Solution Journal News from Solution Publishing leverages our proprietary SmartStream™ technology to canvas over 100 publications and news sources for content specifically relevant to marketing professionals. Stories are then delivered in digest format each week via email. Each reader indicates his or her specific interests by the articles they click. Within a short time, SmartStream™ learns their personal content interest profile and then customizes the stories in each issue to maximize relevance.

Unique Product

One of our readers may be running a digital display ad console while another is running a postal branding or email campaign. Every organization’s marketing department and business requirements are different. B2BSJNews discovers the perfect content sweet spot for each reader by categorizing stories and then delivering more content where each pro expresses interest.

User Friendly

Best of all, the only thing required to train B2BSJNews to work for you is to use it. After you register, just click on the headlines of interest to you. We can’t wait to learn what interests you.
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